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Audi Service in Dubai

Audi is our favourite at Powertech Auto Services, we are one of the top Audi car repairs premium workshop in Dubai. Our experienced Audi repair technicians perform their tasks with high consideration to meet the quality of Auto maintenance. Moreover, we use same high-quality equipment found in authorized Audi dealer workshops to perform Audi car service

We are your Audi Dealer Alternative for all your repair and service needs. All Factory scheduled maintenance and service are performed as per Factory Specifications

Our Audi specialist Service advisors can provide expert technical advice you need for your Audi car repair/service. Regular Maintenance of your Audi car ensures it is in great condition and enhance its resale value

Being a Luxury Car, Audi is well known for its performance among the German cars, Audi has the best automotive design language in both interior and exterior. The interiors are clean and most comfort designed and has a beautiful simple exterior design

Our Audi Services include :

  • Audi Quick Service
  • Audi General maintenance and repair
  • Audi scanning and diagnostics
  • Audi Pre purchase inspection
  • Audi brake services
  • Audi car suspension
  • Audi Ceramic coating and paint protection
  • Audi body paint
  • Audi car Ac service
  • Audi Body work
  • Audi Oil and battery services

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Car Transmission Repair

  • Transmission/ Gearbox Inspection
  • Transmission repair and rebuild
  • Transmission replacement
  • Transmission Oil, Oil filter service

Car Engine Repair

  • Complete Engine Rebuild
  • Car Engine Noise repair
  • Engine Detailing
  • Car Engine Tuning
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