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American Car Tuning Service Dubai

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Powertech Auto Tuning Dubai :

We, Powertech Auto services are specialized in Tuning All American cars until 2015 model in Dubai. Our management has over 20 years of experience in the automotive maintenance and repair industry in Los Angeles California and currently serving customers in Dubai.

All cars have unique ECU models from various manufacturers, we have in house software for American car tuning.

Do you want to maximize the power of your car ?, Call us, we will help to tuning your American cars to satisfy your passion



Auto Technical Tuning Service:

The main objective of car Tuning is to consider and satisfy needs and some passions of the car owner, and to reach the car maximum speed.

Basic elements of Technical tuning are : components that support the car body like rigidity beams & safety frameworks, sport brake system, rubber, sport clutch exhaust system and etc. This list can be continued almost indefinitely.

We are one of the best auto service provider for auto tuning Dubai. Call our service Adviser :0543057156 and get your appointment for American car Tuning



Types of Technical Tuning :

  • Power Tuning : Helps to increase the Power and finesse
  • Module remapping : Helps your car to increase the performance and respond more lively as you apply your accelerator
  • Eco Tuning : Helps to save fuel consumption by adjusting the power band of the engine and gets powerful car engine with lower revolutions

What we do in Auto Tuning :

  • Horsepower Tuning
  • Increase torque
  • Rise throttle response
  • Increase RPM
  • Remove top speed limiter
  • Increase trans. torque limits
  • Enhance shift points
  • Rise fuel efficiency

Powertech Car Repair Gallery: 

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