Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent removal : The technique is designed to repair your car’s Dent without losing original paint. This process is an cost effective alternative option compared to traditional dent repair. This process is done using unique equipment and genuine craftsmanship.

At Powertech Auto service, We have our expert paintless dent specialist to perform the tasks without losing your original paint. Paintless Dent removal can be done in a shorter period of time at our workshop.

Paint free Dent repair : if you have any dent on your car makes you irritating, let us know we remove without painting it, keeping the paint original and not affecting your car’s resale price. You can expect our team of paintless dent removal experts in Dubai to give their all to producing the best quality results for you. Whether it’s a deep scratch or an unsightly dent, we’ll do our best to restore your vehicle and make it look brand new

Advantages of Paintless Dent repair :

  • Cost-effective than a traditional dent repair
  • No painting, sanding or body filler required
  • Avoid car paint mismatch
  • Retains the vehicle’s factory finish
  • Quick turnaround time
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