High-class Professional Audi repair and service


PowerTech is the most advanced automobile service center in Dubai, we use state-of-the-art equipments for diagnostics, planning and action. We strive to always be on the cutting edge and among the first to introduce new technologies that will enhance our abilities.


We are pleased to offer our customers a free pick-up and delivery service. Let us pick-up your cars from your home or office and save yourself the hassle of the trip!


At PowerTech Autos, we pride ourselves on our consistent, quality service. We have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who can get your car up and running to peak performance before you know it!


We recommend our customers to bring the car for inspection so that we can catch minor vehicles problems before they turn into big repairs with a free Courtesy Check.


Having technical troubles with your vehicle?  We’ve got the answers you need by our Professional advisors. Our team is available 7 days a week to help you find and fix the problem in your car.


Get yourself a free car wash from PowerTech Autos, and advanced cleaning system that makes it easy to reach all areas of your vehicle.

Specialized in Audi Service Dubai

High Quality Audi Repair and Service

We provide all kinds of services which includes Audi repair and Audi maintenance, Audi Major and Minor services, Electrical and Mechanical Work, Body and Interior Work. We use high quality products and equipments for Audi services and repair.

AUDI Quick Service

AUDI Major, Minor Services

AUDI engine repair

AUDI Transmission / Gearbox repair

AUDI scanning and diagnostics

AUDI Pre purchase inspection

AUDI  brake pad replacement and disk skimming

AUDI General maintenance and repair

AUDI suspension repair

AUDI Ac service and repair

AUDI convertible roof repair

AUDI Body work

AUDI Oil Services

AUDI Ceramic coating and paint protection


Best German Car Repair and Specialist Workshop

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Are you searching for best Audi repair Dubai?

If yes, Powertech Autos are a friendly independent Audi specialized garage in Dubai. Our experts have all the advanced training, fully licensed and certified.

We have the most advanced technology that is also found in authorized Audi dealer workshops to perform Audi service and repair
At Powertech Auto Services, we don’t compromise in the quality of the service that we provide and we are continuously committed to be the best Audi workshop provider in Dubai

It is important to keep a service schedule to maintain your Audi with high level of Performance, safety and comfort. It includes ongoing maintenance and liquid replacements. By choosing Powertech Auto services as your choice for Audi repair and service, you are making the most of your maintenance expertise.

Our service is recognized for over 25 years, from Los Angeles USA to Dubai. We value our customer’s time, that show a major increase in Revisit of our existing customers. You can relax, your Audi is safe at our workshop, our well experienced technicians perform a complete computerized diagnosis to capture the exact issues and fix it within less time at a competitive rate compared to other Audi service centers

Our Service Advisors would be happy to advise you the best solution for your Audi repair & Service. Call our Toll-free number: 800 787 to arrange a free pick up service from your location.

We are one of the Premium Audi Auto garages in Dubai provides Audi repair & service, our Management has over 25-year experience in auto repair industry.


Car Maintenance and Repair

  • Auto maintenance
  • Auto mechanics and electricity systems
  • Fuel Injection & Cleaning Service
  • Heating & Cooling Service

Car Scanning and Diagnostics

  • Auto Engine Diagnostics
  • Auto gearbox diagnostics
  • Check emissions readiness
  • Full car Diagnostics

Car Ac services

  • A/C Diagnosis and Leak Test
  • Heater System Inspection
  • A/C Gas Refill
  • A/C Compressor repair

Premium Oil Services

  • Synthetic Premium Oil Change
  • Oil Filter Change
  • Oil Flushing
  • 150 Point Inspection

Major & Minor Service

  • Major & Minor Service
  • 20k,  40k, 60k Service
  • 80k, 100k Service
  • Car Brakes and AC inspection

Car Transmission Repair

  • Transmission/ Gearbox Inspection
  • Transmission repair and rebuild
  • Transmission replacement
  • Transmission Oil, Oil filter service

Car Engine Repair

  • Complete Engine Rebuild
  • Car Engine Noise repair
  • Engine Detailing
  • Car Engine Tuning

Pre Purchase Inspection

  • Comprehensive Inspection Report
  • Manual Physical Inspection
  • Computerized Report
  • Fair & Transparent Report

Car Brakes Services

  • Brake Performance Inspection
  • Brake Fluid Change
  • Brake-pad Replacement
  • Resurfacing of brake rotors or drums

Car Suspension Services

  • Detailed suspension check up
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Suspension Alignments
  • Performance Suspension Upgrade

Car Battery Services

  • Computerized battery test
  • Replacement of a new battery
  • Testing of Battery Cable
  • Comprehensive Battery and Electrical System Check

Car Body Work

  • Accident repair
  • Dents and scratches repair
  • Replacement / repair Bumper
  • Replacement of headlights and rear lights

Car Paint Services

  • Full body painting service
  • Customer Painting
  • Scratch Painting
  • Car Polishing

Ceramic Coating Services

  • Protection From Chemical Stains And Etching
  • Protection From UV Damage / Oxidation
  • Coatings Last Longer
  • Best Car Paint Protection

Car convertible roof repair

  • Folding Roof Specialist
  • Convertible top repair
  • Mechanical hood repairs
  • Convertible Roof Leakage repair

Car Upholstery Work

  •  Car Custom Seat Covers
  •  Auto Dash Board Repair
  • Auto Dash Board Replacement
  • Car Leather Replacement