Car Brakes Repair Services in Dubai.

Powertech Auto Services provides trusted and reliable car brakes repair services in Dubai 

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Powertech Car Brakes Repair Services in Dubai.

The topmost crucial component in any car is brakes. When it comes to brake malfunctions of its components can result in serious safety issues. Car brake service is the most essential and important service required to maintain a smooth ride. We have our experts here at Powertech Autos to provide you with the best affordable car repair services. We are also experts in all kinds of inspection, repair and brake services for all types of brake parts like Brake Fluid, Brake pads, Brake Calipers, Brake Drum, Brake Rotor, Brake Shoes, Parking Brakes, Rear Brake, etc for all makes and models of the car.

Fully-Equipped Car Brake Repair Services:

Powertech Auto Services provides unmatched car brakes services to our respected customers in Dubai providing brake services using the latest equipment and tools. We use high-quality replacements for any parts to make sure we always provide quality work.

At Powertech Autos, we have professional brake specialists to takes care of all vehicle braking systems to ensure your safety. Because your safety on the road is our number one priority.

Inspection required on your car’s brake system if:

  • Your car pulls to the right or left when you apply the brake
  • Unfamiliar noises or vibrations arise during braking
  • The brake pedal seems to be soft or presses farther to the floor than usual

Our Car Brakes Repair Service in Dubai includes:

  • FREE Complete Brake System Inspection.
  • Brake Pad Replacement.
  • Brake Oil Change / Brake Fluid Change.
  • Hand Brake Repair.
  • Brake Calipers.
  • Top-up Brake Fluid.
  • Genuine Brake Pads.
  • Brake Light Inspection.
  • Brake Disc Skimming.
  • Brakes Rotor Replacement.
  • Parking Brake Shoe Replacement.
  • Rear Brake Shoes Replacement.
  • Brake Bleeding.
  • Brake Drum & Brake Rotor Refinished.

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