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Powertech Car Engine Repair Service.

We are a car engine repair specialist in Dubai, We are specialists in repairing all kinds of engine repair for all car models in Dubai. First Step, We Perform a diagnostic check. Depending on the report, our team will tear down the engine, replace assemblies, plus install other necessary parts to have your car running smoothly again

When the check engine light comes on, your car is trying to tell you it is the time to check the engine. This is only one reason to have a diagnostic ran. Allow us to test your car at our garage. We can assure 100% customer satisfied car engine repair. We guarantee our team will bring back your car to normal. So, We assure you the best car engine repair & car service Dubai.

Upon bringing your car to the Powertech Auto Services, we can assure you that all problems preventing the normal work of the engine of your car will be identified and repaired with high quality.

OUR Car Engine Repair in Dubai INCLUDES :

  • Car Engine Diagnosis
  • Car Engine Rebuilt
  • Car Computerized Engine Diagnosis
  • Car Engine Oil Leak Repair
  • Car Engine Overhauling
  • Car engine Mounting Replacement
  • Car Engine Timing Chain Service
  • Car Engine Misfire Repair

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Professional Car Engine Repair Dubai.

We are Car Engine Repair Specialists Dubai. We Are Experienced & We Have Advanced Tools To Diagnose Your Car’s Engine & Repair It. Either You Own An Exotic Car, An American Or European Car, Or Any Other Car Make. We Diagnose, Repair & Overhaul All Types Of Engines.

We Are Specialized in Car Engine Repair, Service, Rebuild & Overhauling. Also, we provide Free Car Engine Diagnostics. Call Our Service Adviser For Quick Help & Technical Advice


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