Car Premium Oil Services in Dubai.

 Car Premium oil services in Dubai for all car brand 

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Powertech Premium Oil Services Dubai.

Dubai is equally important your car’s good health as well as the oil you choose

We have been providing oil change services in Al Quoz, Dubai for all major car brands. We use Premium quality lubricant services, and we make sure to inspect your car air filter and car fluids in order to provide you with an accurate report on your car engine oil which is a basic but essential requirement for any vehicle. Also, we provide affordable oil change packages to your car to maintain the efficiency of your vehicles

How Often to Check the Oil Level

Always ensure your car is running on the proper levels of engine oil so it runs smoothly longer.

How Often to Change the Oil

It is time for your car oil change when your dashboard sign light turns on, or when your car shows signs of being sluggish.

Choose the right type of oil for your car?

Your vehicle handbook will help you know the minimum oil quality specification and viscosity grade, but you may wish to choose a better oil. Choosing the right oil depends on 

  • Car type– a high-performance car needs higher performance oil
  • Car age–engines are constantly improving with newer ones giving a high performance with better fuel efficiency. Advanced oils have been developed to help keep up with these increased engineering demands.
  • Driving environment– None of us are keen on stop-start traffic, and neither is your engine. Using the higher quality oils available will help prevent the onset of engine wear and tear.

Our Special Features of Car Premium Oil Services in Dubai :

  •  Synthetic Premium Oil Change
  •  Oil Filter Change
  •  Oil Flushing
  •  Free 150 Point Inspection

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